Answer to Azeez’s question on Language in the Landscape

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

In the McCloud reading, he explains how simple style doesn’t necessarily mean a simple story, and simple elements can combine in complex ways. This is a clear example of his reading, where a simple comic style of the reading is joined with very complex ideas in the reading. How do you think the comic style for this reading influenced how you read this article, and do you think you would have read this article any differently if it were in the format of the Drucker article we read?

I think that the way McCloud wrote and structured the article immediately captured my attention. It wasn’t just another long chapter filled with text, it had drawings and illustrations that directly engaged the reader with the material. It was way easier for me to read because of this. I loved his deep thoughts intertwined with simple drawings. It reminded me of reading comics as a kid. Your mind is able to pay attention to the reading and not wander off. The Mcloud reading captured and held my attention, and at the same time brought insight on the subject. I really enjoyed it.


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