Hannah’s question on Language in the Landscape

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Is it an example of language as information or beyond information, language as instructive, language as advertisement, language as identity, language creating speculation, or language as edification? Is it a combination of these things? Give specifics from the image and its location to answer this question.

I think the Obama image is an example as language as advertisement because during his campaign this image with the word “hope” or “yes we can” or “change” was everywhere. The image with the word not only advertised Obama’s image but also his message. I think the image is also an example of language as edification. The way the image is drawn it makes Obama out to seem already like a historical figure. His gaze into the upper right of the picture signifies his views towards the future. The shading of the image resembles images of past historical figures (Washington, Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., etc…) This shows that the image is more than an image, it is a statement on the society’s reaction to Obama.

-Adam Sadler


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