Response to Brittney’s Question

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

“Does sound always enhance a message’s effectiveness? For instance, would adding sound to your image-text project help to better communicate your message or would it not make any affect at all? Could it possibly hinder its message?”

The effectiveness of a relationship between sound and a message depends on both elements individually and how they work together. If the message doesn’t flow with the sound or vice versa the entire production won’t make sense. It is important to think as the listener. What kinds of sounds will enhance the message? What would help them understand the message better? You could add sound effects, music, or anything that gives the message more life.

Adding sound to the image text project might work in some instances but not in others. I think in some cases it would make the project easier to understand, but in others would end up taking away from the project itself. The purpose of the image text is to show how words meshed with images can work together to convey a common message. Adding sound could help even more, but it really depends on the image text project.


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