Response to Berger Questions

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

1) For all the guys in the class: Do you feel as if your presence “is dependent upon the promise of power which you embody”?

In our society and especially on this campus I feel that there is a pre-conceived image of what a man is supposed to be. Society wants him to be strong, watch football, be the bread-winner, and love sports. All of these qualities are related to power. I feel that if one doesn’t embody these qualities you are looked at as less of a man. I definitely think that a society considers a man’s image is directly related to the power he possesses.

2) Do you agree with Berger’s statement that women are depicted in a different way from men because the ideal spectator is always assumed to be male?

Yes, even though there has been a lot of equalization as far as woman’s rights in our society, there is still a gap in respects to the way women are perceived as opposed to men. Our history as a human race has been mostly male-dominated, that trend continues and probably will continue for some time. I definitely agree with Berger here.

3) Why is one aspect of nudity considered art, and another considered pornography? Do you think both can be constituted as art?

I think this is a very interesting question. I’ve always wondered why some nude pictures are considered artistic and others pornographic. When you think about it. some of the images in Playboy are not too different from paintings from the 18th century. I think it depends on the avenue of expression of the image. It seems that the more graceful the pose of the nude, the more artist it is. On the other hand the more vulgar or in-your-face the image, the closer it is to a pornographic image. But it seems to be a very subjective determinant. I think this is a very interesting question.


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