Response to Bolter and Grusin Questions

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Eileen’s Question:  “What are some interactive media examples that have played roles in your life?”

I think the biggest example of interactive media in my life and the life of most of the people I know is the internet. The internet not only informs, entertains, captivates, and enables people but it allows them to be apart of something that is worldwide. People can do basically anything they want on the web. I heard it once referred to as the  “new wild west” because it is basically a free-for-all.

Hannah’s Question: “As Bolter and Grusin discuss remediation as a process, a hybrid, and a network, I can’t help but think about interactive media. Consider this quote: “The aesthetic of the glance also makes the viewer aware of the process rather than just the product-both the process of creation and the process of viewing. For example, the Emergency Broadcast Network’s CD-ROM conveys the feeling that we are witnessing, and in a way participating in, the process of its own construction.” Given what Bolter and Grusin have said, what are some elements of interactive media? How do interactive media make the viewer/reader a part of the media object’s construction?”

Continuing with my example of the internet as interactive media. I’ll describe what it offers. Anyone can make a website. One of my friends just made the website  where it simply shows people’s pics where people are making accidental o faces. This is a perfect example of how anyone who has an idea can put it on the web and express themselves and their ideas to the world. Likewise any kid can make a myspace of facebook profile page to express themselves via the web. This freedom of expression, in my opinion, makes the internet the most interactive form of media around. The internet is also extremely accessible, which in my opinion is a crucial determinant of interactive media. Anyone can gain access to the web these days through computers or mobile devices. This allows for quick edits and contributions to the web.


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