Audio Essay


I really want to do something similar to the way most episodes of “This American Life” is formatted. I like the quiet quality of the narrator, the storytelling aspect of the body, and the adequate musical incorporation to enhance the spoken word. I’m thinking of doing something with Dreams, in particular, scary dreams. I want to be able to tell the dreams and use the music to make it really scary for the audience. All the projects I’ve heard so far have been pleasant to listen to in some sense. I would like to have a more creepy vibe to the audio project.

Audio Essay Script


I’ve decided to go with “The Scariest Dream You’ve Ever Had” essay. I haven’t had to change much to my idea, just simply determine who I will have tell dreams, and what type of music I will use to enhance the message. I’ve decided on the dreams coming from myself, and my friends Luke and Ayla. In between the speakers I will have music like “The Exorcist” theme or the “Twilight Zone” in addition to other bone-chilling music. I will use garage band to edit it all together.

Production Process:

In Producing my piece I didn’t think it would take me as long as it did. I thought that it would be simple enough and relatively quick to put together. But I wanted it to be cool, and reach the audience so I took more time on it. I was able to find 3 other friends who were willing to share their nightmares with me. This allowed me a lot of material to work with. I had ideas to put a lot of sound effects in the piece to enhance the dreams, but I was only really able to incorporate a few. I found various creepy audio pieces from songs that I feel set the tone and theme of the piece. I did all of my editing through garage band. The program is simple to use and produces quality audio mixes. I still need to check on some EQ issues before I present, and make sure the music doesn’t overpower the voice or vice versa.

Audio Essay link: Scariest Dream Ever

Post Production:

Reflecting on the production process, I’d have to say I wish I would’ve spent more time on the editing process. I got the interviews that I wanted, however I wanted to spend more time on editing. I think I could’ve made it scarier with better / more sound effects. I also wish I could’ve provided a more diverse group of songs. Overall, I’m happy with the way it turned out. My goal was to make a podcast that was against the norm. I didn’t want to make one that was “feel good”, “happy”, or “funny”. I though scary would make it unique and and stand out. An I think it will. Also, it is nearing Halloween, I though the scary theme would be applicable.

Audio Essay Rational

  1. anders96 says:

    I really enjoyed your podcast! Your topic was interesting, the story telling was excellent and the audio clips worked perfectly to give the stories even more emotion.

  2. sarilou89 says:

    I thought it was amazing how much I could see the stories being told, in my head. The atmosphere created by the music helped me see the stories. The music itself was a very good choice because it created such a suspenseful feeling.

  3. This really was a phenomenal job that you did, Adam. The sound effects were amazing. You really did a good job of making your essay sound spooky. My one regret in my essay is that I told more than I showed. You showed us your point with the music and the sound effects. It was like I was transported into your dream.

  4. Brian says:

    The combination of music and sound effects at the beginning was amazing. I was actively imagining a dream it could accompany. Well done.

  5. danilessing says:

    You did an awesome job on this! Your piece actually did a really good job of getting the feeling of fear across to the audience. The way you combined the music and effects really put it over the top.

  6. azeezthebreeze says:

    This was a good project. The background music you used was very eerie, which was appropriate for your topic. You had very good interviews as well.

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