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Final Blog Post

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Info 303 has been one of, if not, the most fun class I’ve taken here at the University of Illinois. I heard that it was fun and interactive, from some friends, and that’s exactly what it was. I’m really glad that I took it. I learned a lot of valuable methods of writing that have already helped me in many ways.

Through the image text project I was able to practice my ideas I already had for a logo. I was able to dive further into my idea and learn more effective ways of incorporating images and text. I will continue to develop my logo, but this project really encouraged me and taught me a lot.

I loved the audio project. I had never really worked with Garage band prior to this class, and since my audio project I have been able to use it in many different ways. It is a useful tool to conveying ideas. I love expressing my ideas through audio. Much like reading, it causes the listener to creatively imagine what the audio is discussing. It allows so much more detail and creativity to be utilized as opposed to simply text.

I think the video documentary project was the most beneficial for me. I hadn’t really ever experimented with making videos before but it was something I had always wanted to do. Taking part in this project gave me so many ideas of ways I can express thoughts and ideas in unique and creative ways through video. Because of this project I’ve been asked by some people to make videos for them, it will also allow me to develop some ideas for music videos I want to create. I loved this project because it allowed me to explore way of writing that will improve my skills and give me a more versatile approach to writing.

The final project was really fun. I loved making the map. It allowed me to think of a space in a different way. It was funny because I made the map of the Millennium Falcon and literally a week later I saw a book in Walmart that showed the inner layouts of the Falcon. I thought I had a pretty creative idea, but apparently someone else thought of the same idea. Either way, I really enjoyed making something fun and interesting to me.

The interactive media project where I was paired up with Charles was great. We had a lot of fun with our topic, Comic Theory. I love comics, so this project was really interesting to me. I don’t read many books, but I really enjoyed reading “Understanding Comics” by McCloud for the project. It was cool to make a blog with poll questions on it. It was cool way of interacting with the visitors of the page. I learned so much just from making the blog.

Overall, this class kept me sane this semester. I had so much going on, but this class was fun and refreshing. It never was a pain to do this work. It was always something that was fun and interesting to me. I learned so much about blogging, and using different media to express ideas. I’m confidant that I now have the ability to use many different methods to create something unique. Honestly, a lot of classes I take here t the U of I seem useless and a waste of time, but with this class I actually know that I will be using what I learned in my career and in the future. In this technology driven society, the people who know how to use technology are the most valuable employees. I am so glad that I enrolled in this class because not only was it a pleasurable experience but I will be using what I learned for the rest of my life.


Kyle’s question: Do you think that being a more visually oriented person would help someone to understand something better if depicted in such a way?

I definitely think that certain people are more visually oriented than others. Where some find it easier to understand messages through pictures, others need verbal or textual explanation. Thus I believe that the use of pictures, maps, etc, to convey messages to certain people is quite effective. In my case, it depends on the message. Certain messages are easily and more clearly conveyed with a pictoral explanation, where certain messages requiring more detail and specific knowledge are better explained through text.

Eileen’s Question:  “What are some interactive media examples that have played roles in your life?”

I think the biggest example of interactive media in my life and the life of most of the people I know is the internet. The internet not only informs, entertains, captivates, and enables people but it allows them to be apart of something that is worldwide. People can do basically anything they want on the web. I heard it once referred to as the  “new wild west” because it is basically a free-for-all.

Hannah’s Question: “As Bolter and Grusin discuss remediation as a process, a hybrid, and a network, I can’t help but think about interactive media. Consider this quote: “The aesthetic of the glance also makes the viewer aware of the process rather than just the product-both the process of creation and the process of viewing. For example, the Emergency Broadcast Network’s CD-ROM conveys the feeling that we are witnessing, and in a way participating in, the process of its own construction.” Given what Bolter and Grusin have said, what are some elements of interactive media? How do interactive media make the viewer/reader a part of the media object’s construction?”

Continuing with my example of the internet as interactive media. I’ll describe what it offers. Anyone can make a website. One of my friends just made the website  where it simply shows people’s pics where people are making accidental o faces. This is a perfect example of how anyone who has an idea can put it on the web and express themselves and their ideas to the world. Likewise any kid can make a myspace of facebook profile page to express themselves via the web. This freedom of expression, in my opinion, makes the internet the most interactive form of media around. The internet is also extremely accessible, which in my opinion is a crucial determinant of interactive media. Anyone can gain access to the web these days through computers or mobile devices. This allows for quick edits and contributions to the web.

Response to Berger Questions

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

1) For all the guys in the class: Do you feel as if your presence “is dependent upon the promise of power which you embody”?

In our society and especially on this campus I feel that there is a pre-conceived image of what a man is supposed to be. Society wants him to be strong, watch football, be the bread-winner, and love sports. All of these qualities are related to power. I feel that if one doesn’t embody these qualities you are looked at as less of a man. I definitely think that a society considers a man’s image is directly related to the power he possesses.

2) Do you agree with Berger’s statement that women are depicted in a different way from men because the ideal spectator is always assumed to be male?

Yes, even though there has been a lot of equalization as far as woman’s rights in our society, there is still a gap in respects to the way women are perceived as opposed to men. Our history as a human race has been mostly male-dominated, that trend continues and probably will continue for some time. I definitely agree with Berger here.

3) Why is one aspect of nudity considered art, and another considered pornography? Do you think both can be constituted as art?

I think this is a very interesting question. I’ve always wondered why some nude pictures are considered artistic and others pornographic. When you think about it. some of the images in Playboy are not too different from paintings from the 18th century. I think it depends on the avenue of expression of the image. It seems that the more graceful the pose of the nude, the more artist it is. On the other hand the more vulgar or in-your-face the image, the closer it is to a pornographic image. But it seems to be a very subjective determinant. I think this is a very interesting question.

This is one of my favorite documentaries. It’s called “It might get Loud”; it’s about three guitarists and there relationships with their instrument. This is the opening clip of the movie, it shows Jack White from the White Stripes building a guitar out of wire, wood, a nail, and a coke bottle. I think it is a great depiction of a man in his space.

Response to Brittney’s Question

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

“Does sound always enhance a message’s effectiveness? For instance, would adding sound to your image-text project help to better communicate your message or would it not make any affect at all? Could it possibly hinder its message?”

The effectiveness of a relationship between sound and a message depends on both elements individually and how they work together. If the message doesn’t flow with the sound or vice versa the entire production won’t make sense. It is important to think as the listener. What kinds of sounds will enhance the message? What would help them understand the message better? You could add sound effects, music, or anything that gives the message more life.

Adding sound to the image text project might work in some instances but not in others. I think in some cases it would make the project easier to understand, but in others would end up taking away from the project itself. The purpose of the image text is to show how words meshed with images can work together to convey a common message. Adding sound could help even more, but it really depends on the image text project.

This American Life: Spies Like Us

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I chose the episode 278 from 2004 entitled “Spies Like Us”. Listening to it was like listening to a book. The radio broadcaster hosted a handful of different people who told stories where they found themselves spying on others. In the first instance a man accidentally is able to pick up a security camerea from a hotel lobby in his city. He explains how he becomes obsessed with one female who always shows up in frame. He descripes how he alters his daily routine to accommodate his new habit of watching the lobby cam.

In the second instance a woman uses a baby monitor for her baby. Although, she picks up more than the baby’s cries. She picks up drug deals over cell phones from her neighbor. She becomes obsessed with spying on him and finding out what he’s doing, who he’s selling to, and what is going on. She ends up concentrating so much on him that she doesn’t really got to know her actual neighbor who is dying of cancer. She gets to know the sick lady shortly before she passes away. Her actions that she makes to get to know the lady are somehow known by the rest of the neighborhood. She realizes that while she was watching her neighbors, they were watching her.

The broadcast was like listening to a book on tape. Even the descriptions of the episode reveals that they are fictitious stories. However the way the show was produced made it seem real. Like the McKee article, the producer uses music, silence, spoken word, and a mixture of music and speaking to enhance the experience.