Image-Text Rationale


When trying to think what I was going to do for my image text project, I had to ask myself, “What am I passionate about?”. Fortunately, for the past two years or so I’ve been dreaming of, one day, starting my own independent record label. Whether it happens this year or in 20 years, the idea excites me and causes me to dream bigger. I’ve been inspired and passionate to get started on setting the foundation for the company. One of the things you need is a logo. So for the past year or so I’ve been thinking of what kind of an image I would want to be associated with the label. I found one last year. One of my friends is an artist. She drew many variations of a female falling. She said that they were supposed to be falling like raindrops. I saw them as extremely graceful and beautiful, sO I asked to use one image as my logo. She agreed, and I got started right away with ideas for the logo.


This is my idea for my record label logo. The company would be called Avidity Records. But to add mystery and impact I think logo should just read “Avidity”. The reason it’s called Avidity is because the word “avid” means enthusiastic; ardent; dedicated. Avidity is just the noun of that. To me it represents someone who will do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal. I picked this image because I thought it was unique, beautiful, and representative of the music I wanted to have on the label. I took the image from a scan of my artist’s drawing and edited into a logo by cropping, polishing, and adding text. This allowed me to attach the image to the space that I think it will appear on.

This is a mock example of a record that would be released on the label. Each record would have the image on it, either on the physical cd, album case, or both.

This is a mock example of clothing that would bear the image of Avidity Records. The image could appear on clothing, accessories, websites, music apparel, posters, etc…

The image text would also be on things such as business cards, the office building sign, and ALL over the website. I have a feeling that since it’s such a unique image it will serve as a huge factor for the label. Some people might look at the label simply due to the eye appeal of the image text. It’s power and influence can be worked through it’s simplicity.


I think the most revision I did was with the text. Although after finding the image it is critical to be able to adequately incorporate image with text. That is what I’ve been doing with this Image project. The battle has been simplicity vs. clarity. Either I could have the image say “Avidity Records” or the simpler “Avidity”. I chose simplicity for numerous reasons. One word has more impact and also takes less away from the image itself. In the Mcloud reading he showed how the simplicity of images, icons, etc.. are more eye appealing and relative to the human eye. That is why  I chose the simple version for my logo.


Overall, I feel that I received relatively positive feedback on my image text presentation. The comments from other students on my blog said that the image itself was cool and that the text was fitting. Fortunately I’ve been working on this logo for over a year now, so I was unknowingly prepared for this project. I will continue to work on this logo as it is an actual goal of mine to put the logo into practice with my label one day. I think the main thing that I will continue to work on is the font and placement of text relative to the image. It is important to get the perfect relationship between the two to maximize the initial impact it has on the viewer. I very much enjoyed working on this and presenting it to the class. It, in a sense, revitalized my passion for this goal, and forced me to dream bigger.

  1. Danielle says:

    I really like this logo. Not only does it mean something to you because of your friend drawing it, but you can associate feelings to it. Aside from that, having more than just a text logo will help people to associate your record label with the picture the same way that Starbuck’s is instantly associated with the mermaid in their logo. I also really liked the font that you chose to go along with the drawing. It is simple, but makes a statement at the same time.

  2. shainamarie says:

    I really like your future record label’s logo! It’s very attractive to the eye without being overly-detailed. I think the form of the woman falling is very appealing and intriguing to anyone who sees it, and the word Avidity under it makes a strong statement. Most people have at least an idea of the definition of the term, but when you look at it under the image, it sort of opens it up for interpretation– I think that’s really cool and important for any artistic expression, like your record label.

  3. bborowicz says:

    From a fellow music lover, I think that your aspiration to create your own music label is great. I am also in love with your logo. I think that in its simplicity, it will be easily recognized among the music community. In addition, I think that the image is really beautiful and speaks a lot to what your label is all about. I also think the word, “Avidity” is extremely appropriate for what you are trying to accomplish with this label.

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