Final Project / Interactive Media


I decided to map the interior of the Millennium Falcon. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and new it would be a fun project for me. The Millennium Falcon is the fastest ship in the galaxy and has the coolest crew by far. It has been through exciting adventures like: flying into the belly of an asteroid worm and making it out alive, helping to destroy The Deathstar, evading fireballs from explosions, and many other close calls. The reason why I wanted to make a map of it is because I think if it’s interior walls could talk they would tell some awesome stories. Stories that would include Han Solo’s previous babes, Chewbacca’s hairy living habits, and adventures that range from smuggling to fighting.

Although it would’ve been cool to construct a 3D map, it was easier to map it on a posterboard. This allowed me to add a Key, photos, and quotes. I chose to put quotes from Han in the hallways and rooms of the Falcon to show that there are a lot of memories within the ship. Most of the quotes are placed in areas of the ship where they were said to enhance the effectiveness. The audience I chose to target is mostly to people who are familiar with Star Wars. Those are the ones who will get the map’s subtle jokes.

Final Project:


Charles and I have the topic “Comic Theory” and our project and presentation will be somewhat based on McCloud’s Understanding Comics. We are planning on creating a wordpress page that educates people on the different themes, styles, theories, and qualities of comics and how it functions as interactive media. We are also developing our idea for a way that we will interact with the class during our presentation. It will be a “pop quiz” type exercise to get the audience involved and allow them to absorb the material better.


When composing our WordPress page we wanted to create something that both conveyed the main ideas of McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” with relation to comic theory, and present it in a way that is interactive and interesting. We named the page Chronicomics to give it a cool, modern, comic oriented feel. We divided the blog into various pages that represented the main ideas we wanted to convey. I took some and Charles took some. On each page we decided to install a poll question related to the material, this way the viewer would have a way of interacting with the project. Having read “Understanding Comics” we were both able to develop examples that directly related to the material in an interesting and understandable way.


To present our project we tried to make it as simple as possible. Charles would present the pages that he worked on and I would present the ones that I worked on. When talking about each topic we decided it would be best to briefly explain the subject matter and why it was important to comic theory. We wanted the viewers to be able to participate with us during the presentation, and to see how the whole class answered. I think the presentation was good. The class seemed to like answering the poll questions, even if they didn’t know the answers.

Post- production/critique:

After seeing Dave and Shaina’s presentation I think ours could’ve been more visually appealing. Even though the blog conveyed our thoughts and ideas, it lacked the excitement that we needed to incorporate with comics. I think our subject matter was great. We incorporated the important ideas of McCloud and the basic necessities of comics. We provided great examples of comics that utilized the methods we were talking about. I think we had a great approach, but I think the page could’ve had more appeal and the presentation might have been more exciting.

Final Project!!


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