When Hannah told us we needed to choose a topic of a man in a space I immediately thought of my friend Pete. He is an RA in TVD and I figured he would be great for the piece. I’m thinking about filming him while he is on duty and using that as b-roll. Also I will interview him, another RA, and a resident. I want to get other perspective of the job. THe main focus will be to get an understanding of the job that most people wouldn’t think of. I also want to add some cool music and good editing to make it look professional.


I am pleased with how the piece turned out. I put a lot of effort into it to make it as cool as possible. I gathered a lot of footage of Pete on Duty and only used a fraction of it in the piece. Likewise, for the interviews I only used a small portion of the film for the actual piece. But that allowed me to use the best parts for the piece. Getting the footage was easy. Editing it was what took time. Going through all the footage to find the best pieces was tough. Another hard thing was not only finding music that fit with the piece but editing it so that it fit with the piece. Overall I am pleased with the way it turned out. I showed it to Pete and he loved it.

Post Production / Critique

After it is all said and doneI feel satisfied with my piece. The reactions I received from the class were positive. My goal was to not only present a unknown view of RA’s but make a video that I could enjoy watching. I feel that in some parts it was funny, touching, emotional, and exciting, and to me it made it an all around enjoyable piece to produce and watch.

The biggest mistake I made was interviewing people in front of a window. It caused my reflection to be in the shot during some of the interviews. It was frustrating to see. The thing I wish I could’ve done more of is film more residents. I wanted to get multiple perspectives from Pete’s residents but was only able to get one. But even so I feel that it worked out fine. Another issue was that the video was a little longer than I wanted. The problem was me not wanting to cut scenes that I thought were crucial, so I kept them. But like I said, overall I am pleased with the way it turned out, and am proud that I was able to show another side of an RA’s life.

Proposal / Treatment

RA on Duty Video

Video Rationale

  1. Shaina Humphries says:

    I thought that was a very thoughtful video, it was a good topic, and not something that people often talk about. I especially liked the little anecdote when the RA talks about the experience he had with one of the residents that didn’t like U of I. It was sweet, and then you had a good contrast at the end with the blooper lol.

  2. sarilou89 says:

    I think you did a great job of presenting your character by choosing b-roll of Pete, and interviews of Pete and about Pete.

  3. KeepingTabbs says:

    I enjoyed the opening scene. The transition from him humming Eye of the Tiger (??) to the music fading in was nice. Also a nice moving, tracking shot.

  4. bborowicz says:

    I loved how personable and animated your subject was. It really brought a lot of entertainment to your piece while still giving the viewer the information they needed.

  5. mknabe2 says:

    The fact that you only needed one RA to interview speaks to the amount of time you spent with him and thinking about the questions you would ask him about his experiences. I especially enjoyed the opening “eye of the tiger” scene, great attention-grabbing intro.

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